Brookhurst Primary School
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Our governors

Who are the governors?

All governors are volunteers who work together for the benefit of the school. They are:

  1. Parents elected by other parents with children at the school;
  2. The headteacher;
  3. Teachers elected by other teachers;
  4. Non-teaching staff elected by other non-teaching staff;
  5. People appointed by the local education authority;
  6. People chosen by governors from the local community.

Please see below for a full list of the present governors and their current responsibilities.

What do governors do?

Our job for the school is to

  1. Promote high standards of educational attainment;
  2. Set targets for pupil achievement;
  3. Take responsibility for strategic planning;
  4. Manage the school’s budget , including deciding how many staff will work there and their pay;
  5. Ensure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, in particular that the National Curriculum and religious education are taught, and report on pupils’ achievement in National Curriculum assessments and examination results;
  6. Participate in the appointment of senior staff (including appointing the head teacher) and regulate staff conduct and discipline; and
  7. Draw up a post-OFSTED action plan after an inspection by the Office for Standards in Education.

The governors at Brookhurst meet regularly as a whole body, but fulfil many of their responsibilities through sub committees.

These sub committees are:

  1. Performance and Standards Committee
  2. Resource Management Committee
  3. Each sub committee meets at least once a term and works on areas that fall under their remit. They make recommendations to the governing body which decides on any necessary actions.

If you wish to talk to someone…

… the first point of contact is the class teacher. If you want to take matters further, you can make an appointment to see Mr Hughes or Miss Stanton via the school office.

Minutes of governor meetings are available from the office. Any confidential matters that may be discussed at governor meetings are not made public for obvious reasons.

Policies and Guidelines Handbook: You can see a copy of any/all of our policies by contacting the school office.

Although certain elements are governed by legislation and the Local Education Authority, the Policies are specific to Brookhurst.

Also available is the School Development Plan (SDP), a rolling three-year programme of actions aimed at the progressive development and improvement of the school.

Brookhurst Governors

Governor Name Appointment

Start – End

Committee Subject Link
Class Link
Parent Governors (6)
Mrs Karen Mothersdale 31/05/2012 – 30/05/2020 Performance & Standards Numeracy 5K
Mrs Leah Harper 12/06/2017 – 11/06/2021 Resources  Literacy  6W
Mrs Viki McNulty 20/04/2016 – 19/04/2020 Resources Safeguarding 2AH
Mr Kully Gill 10/10/2016 – 09/10/2020 Resources  3RG
Mrs Sarah Gurney 10/10/2016 – 09/10/2020 Resources  Finance  4G
Mrs Denise Luckhurst 01/09/2013 – 08/05/2017
Ms Sarah Maxwell
25/01/2016 – 29/09/2017
LA Governor (Council Appt) (1)
Mr Bill Gifford 03/09/2010 – 02/09/2018 Resources  Computing  6B
Co-opted Governors (7)
Mr Joe Cannon 10/07/2017 – 09/07/2021 Chair of Governors
Performance & Standards / Resources
 Curriculum 4P
Mrs Linda Wythe 11/07/2014 – 11/07/2018 Performance  & Standards
Mr Rob Wesson 18/09/2017 – 17/09/2021 Chair of Resources  Health & Safety  3W
 Ms Lesley Coles  15/09/2010 – 14/09/2018 Performance & Standards  Early Years  FAU FPP
 Mr Will Gimes  12/09/2016 – 19/09/2020 Performance  & Standards
Mrs Ali Foster 05/12/2016 – 04/12/2020 Performance & Standards  Assessment  1F
 Mrs Emma Pride  13/11/2017 – 12/11/2017
Staff (1)
 Mrs Sally Connell  01/06/2015 – 31/05/2019 Resources
Associate Governor
 Mr Jim Sinnott  No Voting Rights
Mr Paul McKenzie No Voting Rights
Head Teacher (1)
Ms Angela Stanton Headteacher
Mrs Emma Moon Clerk to the Governing Body


Register of Business Interests for the Governing Body

Jo Cannon – none

Sally Connell – none

Lesley Coles – none

Bill Gifford – County & District Councillor

Denise Luckhurst – none

Will Gimes – none

Paul McKenzie – none

Karen Mothersdale – none

James Sinnott – none

Sarah Gurney – none

Kully Gill – New Governor – none

Angela Stanton – none

Rob Wesson – On Centre Surveys – land building surveys for WCC

Sara Maxwell – ESP Design Management (Interior Design)

Linda Wythe – none

Viki McNulty – none

Ali Foster – New Governor – not yet obtained

Click here to see –  Register of Business Interests 17-18 part 1

Click here to see – Register of Business Interests 17-18 part 2

Click here to see – Instrument of Governance

Click here to see – Terms of Reference Sept 17



Scheduled meeting dates:





Governing Body Members

Joe Cannon (Chair) 4/4

Lesley Coles 4/4

Sally Connell 4/4

Ali Foster 2/2 appointed 06.12.16

Bill Gifford 3/4

Kully Gill appointed 1/3 10.10.16

Will Gimes 3/4

Sarah Gurney 3/3 appointed 10.10.16

Denise Luckhurst 2/3 left 30.04.17

Sara Maxwell 3/4

Paul McKenzie 0/4

Viki McNulty 3/4

Karen Mothersdale 3/4

Angela Stanton (HT) 4/4

Rob Wesson 2/4

Linda Wythe 4/4

Leah Harper 1/1 appointed 12.06.17


Scheduled meeting dates:





Governing Body Members

Joe Cannon (Chair) 4/4

Denise Luckhurst 4/4

Katherine Snell 4/4

Lynda LeLong 4/4

Karen Mothersdale 4/4

Lesley Coles 4/4

Angela Stanton (HT) 3/4

Rob Wesson 4/4

Sara White 3/3 (left GB)

Bill Gifford 4/4

Paul McKenzie 4/4

Sally Connell 3/4

Linda Wythe 4/4

Dan Abbots 4/4

Claudia Nicoll 4/4


Scheduled Meeting Dates:




Resources Committee Members

Angela Stanton (HT) 3/3

Joe Cannon 3/3

Rob Wesson 3/3

Claudia Nicoll 2/3

Bill Gifford 2/3

Sally Connell 3/3

Paul McKenzie 1/3

Katherine Snell 2/3

Sara White 2/2 (left GB)

Dan Abbots 1/3

Sara Bond 1/1 (new Governor)


Scheduled Meeting Dates:



Resources Committee Members

Angela Stanton (HT) 2/2

Joe Cannon 1/2

Denise Luckhurst 2/2

Paul McKenzie 0/2

Karen Mothersdale 1/2

Linda Wythe 2/2

Lynda LeLong 2/2

Dan Abbots 1/3

Lesley Coles 1/2