Brookhurst Primary School
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Our team

You can email your teacher or any member of staff directly with the email addresses below.

We do ask parents to be polite and respectful in all their dealings with our staff. All parents sign up to a formal code of communication when their children start at the school and we would ask you to be mindful of this at all times.

Please contact the school office if you wish to arrange a more formal meeting with any member of staff or senior management.

Thank you!

Senior Leadership Team

Angela Stanton Head Teacher
Mark Hughes 2AH Deputy Head Teacher / Maths
Jane Ford 1F Assessment
Lisa Anderson-Kirby FAU Special Educational Needs
Linda Wythe 6W Literacy
Tracey Taylor Senior Teaching Assistant / SEN

Teachers / Curriculum Subject Leaders

Anna Archer 2AH Physical Education and Fit For Learning
Tim Beer 5B Computing & Languages
Gill Cole 1C  Science
Laura Gaffney 5G
Becky Gunthorpe 3RG
Will Gimes 3RG History & Geography
Deborah Kelly  6K Religious Education
Laura Pillow  4P  Maths
Philippa Price FPP Early Years
Kate Robinson Design Technology
Sara Snatt 4S Art
Samera Uddin  FAU
Katherine Whipp 2W Music

Teaching Assistants

Sally Butt Year 4
Cathryn Clark 2W
Sally Connell Year 3
Alex Gorvett Special Educational Needs
Sofia Gryparis Special Educational Needs
Teresa Henderson 2AH
Fiona Hughes Special Educational Needs
Becki Jones FPP
Nicola Mobbs FAU
Suzie Scott Special Educational Needs
Jan Tyrie Special Educational Needs
Kate Waterfield Special Educational Needs
Jackie Weston 1C
Helen Winn 1F


Emma Moon Admin Assistant, Finance
Mary Tattersfield Admin Assistant
Gail Lindsay Admin Assistant
Steve Bull Caretaker
Karen Billington Kitchen