Brookhurst Primary School
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In teaching a modern foreign language at Brookhurst in Year 5 and Year 6, we aim to develop children’s ability to learn another language – in this case, French – enhancing their all-round learning skills.

Our aims in teaching French are therefore

  1. to teach good language learning skills, including understanding how language works
  2. to develop in all children, including those with Special Educational Needs, the confidence to listen, memorise and speak on a variety of familiar topics
  3. to help children learn that languages are not only interesting in themselves but lots of fun – and they can consolidate learning in literacy, ICT, numeracy and other areas of the curriculum
  4. to develop and enhance cultural and linguistic awareness, fostering positive attitudes to all foreign language learning
  5. to help form a sound basis for further study at secondary school and beyond

How do our pupils learn French?

Pupils are taught primarily as a class, learning by communicative methods – by listening, memorising and copying in the earliest stages. The teacher demonstrates using a variety of media/visual aids and prompts, pictures, flashcards, songs and games.

All children participate according to their ability and confidence in the topic. Children are encouraged to show understanding at whatever level is comfortable for them – from a nod or a gesture to replying by a word, a phrase or a sentence.

Units of work are based on the QCA Scheme of work for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) at Key Stage 2, matched where possible to Year Group topics. Units are based on core language and structures, and sequenced to provide progression, consolidation and reinforcement of language.