Brookhurst Primary School
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This page outlines our curriculum for Religious Education (RE) and Personal, Social, Health Education & Citizenship (PSHE).

Religious Education (RE)

This school is not affiliated to any religious organisation. We teach about the major world faiths and associated moral issues. This may include providing children with experiences similar to those of a believer in order to make the learning more interesting and relevant to their own lives, but at no point do we expect to bring children within any faith.

The school’s RE teaching is in line with Warwickshire’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Our scheme of work is based around Warwickshire’s Units of work for RE. Each half term, Christianity is taught alongside one other world religion. This is based around a particular theme for each year group.

It is important that RE is taught in an imaginative and exciting way. Wherever possible, visitors are encouraged to come in to talk to the children, and trips to places of worship are arranged.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education lessons.

Personal, Social, Health Education & Citizenship (PSHE)

PSHE and citizenship plays a vital role in raising the self-esteem of pupils and helps to promote a positive and realistic self-image. This is possible through activities planned for throughout different areas of the curriculum and directly through PSHE and citizenship sessions. Brookhurst is joining the Warwickshire Health Promoting school system where children take an active part in helping to monitor the health and well being of the school community.

The children in Year 6 are responsible for running a small business enterprise “The Big Bite” which is a healthy tuck shop. Staff and children are being trained in ‘Peer Mediation’, in order to set up a ‘Buddy system’.

There are links with our secondary feeder schools with children participating in science, dance, drama and sporting activities.

Among our connections within the wider community we have links with homes for the elderly, entertaining them at Christmas with a tea party prepared by the children, and musical items performed by the children.

Where appropriate, individual classes will raise money for specific charities by running cake sales and games organised by themselves.

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

We value the importance of Sex and Relationships
Education (SRE). According to the Sex and Relationships Education Guidance (DfE, 2000), SRE is learning about physical, moral and emotional development.