Brookhurst Primary School
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2014 – 2015 year groups

We’re pleased to announce that the year groups have been finalised for 2014 / 2015. The children will spend time with their new class teacher on transition day which is Wednesday 25th June.

Year group

Year group team

Foundation Philippa Price
Vicky Croucher (Monday – Wednesday)
Lisa Anderson-Kirby (Thursday and Friday)
Jackie James
Nicola Mobbs
Year 1 Jane Ford
Gill Cole
Sofia Gryparis
Laura Rheams
Year 2 Mark Hughes (Monday and Tuesday)
Anna Archer (Wednesday – Friday)
Katherine Whipp
Marie Belcher
Gill Howard
Year 3 Lynda Le Long
Kate McKechnie
Sally Connell
Year 4 Will Gimes
Sara Snatt
Catherine Clarke
Year 5 Lynda Wythe
Tim Beer
Pam Davies
Year 6 Annette Tongue
Jason Anslow
Lizzie Bradbury

SEN teaching assistants

Tracey Taylor
Suzie Scott
Lynne Tree
Helen Winn
Jan Tyrie

New class teachers

The classes will move from 2013 groups to their 2014-15 groups thus:

2013 class

2014-2015 class

New class teacher

FAK 1C Miss Cole
FPP 1F Mrs. Ford
1F 2AH Mrs. Archer and Mr. Hughes
1M 2W Miss Whipp
2AH 3L Mrs. Le Long
2W 3M Mrs. McKechnie
3L 4G Mr. Gimes
3A 4S Mrs. Snatt
4W 5B Mr. Beer
4G 5W Mrs. Wythe
5S 6T Mrs. Tongue
5B 6A Mr. Anslow