Brookhurst Primary School
A place to think and grow

Our children

“The Principal goal of education is to create men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.” – Piaget

At Brookhurst we believe in everyone being a learner with the notion that learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all. Through our teaching we equip our children with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to be able to make informed choices about their lives.

We believe in teaching and learning experiences help children to lead happy and rewarding lives.

Aims and objectives

At Brookhurst we aim to provide a caring, supportive and stimulating environment with high quality teaching, through which we endeavour to foster:

  1. A high level of literacy and mathematics
  2. An enquiring mind which wants to learn more each day
  3. Independent children who are confident, flexible and able to co-operate with others
  4. Imagination and creative expression through a wide range of experiences e.g. dance, music, arts
  5. Children who are tolerant of and respect other’s values and beliefs to enable them to be effective citizens of our multi-cultural society
  6. Pride in their own achievement and a desire to succeed
  7. Effective links between home and school to promote aspiration, high expectations and foster achievement for all
  8. Equality of opportunity

In our school you will see:

  1. Children and staff who are working together in a way that shows that they care about their school and each other
  2. A variety of display boards around the school giving examples of the range of work the children produce and is representative of the broad and balanced curriculum that we believe in
  3. A place that is bright and attractive, well maintained, well resourced, clean and tidy and cared for
  4. An entrance hall that proudly displays aspects of school life – sporting success, photographs and awards
  5. An environment that is conducive to learning

In our classrooms you will see:

  1. A neat and tidy learning environment
  2. Children and staff purposefully engaged in enjoyable learning activities
  3. Displays that reflect the diversity of ability of the individuals in the class
  4. Curricular targets
  5. Learning prompts
  6. Our Code of Conduct and Behaviour system clearly displayed
  7. WALT and WILF clearly displayed

When children are learning you will see:

  1. Children and staff engaged in meaningful dialogue about learning
  2. A well structured curriculum framework
  3. A clear WALT and WILF shared with / created with the children
  4. Effective use of ICT to enhance the learning experiences
  5. The teacher has a good understanding of each of the individual children’s needs and these needs are planned or and met in the lesson
  6. Assessment opportunities are built into the lesson
  7. Teaching assistants and other support staff are used effectively to support children’s learning and their individual needs
  8. Marking and feedback shows positive reinforcement and targets for next step are clearly identified
  9. A variety of learning and teaching styles in use:

• Whole class teaching
• Talking partners / work partners
• Small group work
• Listening
• Questioning
• Discussing
• Individual focussed activities
• Teamwork
• Awareness of learning styles – visual, auditory, kinaesthetic
• Independent activities
• Clearly differentiated activities to challenge all abilities

When people describe our school they will say:

  1. Brookhurst is a welcoming and friendly school, with a sense of community
  2. This is a good school with helpful, hard working, kind, well-behaved and polite children
  3. Parents know that their children are well-cared for and stimulated in their learning
  4. Parents feel well informed and that they know how to support their children’s learning at school and at home
  5. Our children enjoy coming to school and are enthused about their learning
  6. Teachers have high expectations of the children in the school

School Council

A new school council is elected each year, with every class from Reception to Year 6 nominating representatives. Click below for more information.

School Council

School Council Minutes 3.3.21