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Parent Information

Parent Information

We know that starting your child at Club can be a very exciting but nerve wracking time and we hope that this page will answer any questions that you may have about club!

Registration for the new academic year begins in June. This is to allow a fair chance for current and new parents to be able to register their child for club. You need to re-register your child at the beginning of each year to guarantee their place. Forms are accepted and places allocated on a first-come first-served basis however the last few years, everyone who has applied for a place has got what they need.
If you would like to register your child for club mid-way through the year then please give us a call, an email or pop in and speak to one of the management team who will be glad to help. We cannot always guarantee spaces mid-year however will try and accommodate you as best we can.
For new parents, the management team will be at the Foundation new parents evening which usually happens a couple of weeks before the forms are due in. This is a chance for you to ask us any questions and pick up a form if you haven’t already. You will also be informed of the date when forms are able to be returned.
There will be a notice up close to the time of when forms are able to be returned about a week or so in advance to give everyone enough notice.


Signing children in/out
Please can you ensure that you sign your child(ren) in and out at every session of club and that it is the right time. The children are not supposed to sign the register due to the fact it is a legal document and we need to know where they all are at one time. This also means that you can ensure you have signed in/out at the right time. If we cannot read the time or there is no time in the box then we will have to charge for the full morning/afternoon session.


Club in the Hub for Years 4, 5 and 6
We would like to remind parents about some of the information regarding the Hub side of Club.
Parents are reminded that they are not able to park in the staff car park and must use the outside parking on the road. When bringing your child into club you are encouraged to come in through the front gate (not the carpark) and use the new path that has been put in to ensure that people are not walking through the car park when staff are arriving in the morning. This also means that you are able to come to the correct entrance to the Hub (round the side of the building) rather than through the front entrance to the school.
We would also like to say that we are happy for your children to bring themselves in after you have dropped them off however we do require a letter from yourselves to state that you give permission for this to happen.


Should your child need medicine at club, one of our First Aiders will be happy to administer this. You will need to fill out a Medicine Administration form prior to this as without one of these, we cannot give any medicines. This applies to Breakfast Club, After School Club and all Holiday Playschemes. This is also applicable whether or not your child can administer their own medication (e.g. inhalers).


We are aware that children may want to attend extra-curricular activities and intervention and are happy to support this. All we ask is that if your child is registered for club on the day of their club/intervention, that you make us aware if we need to pick them up/drop them off. If they are down to come to club on that day however in the morning you drop them straight to intervention or in the afternoon you pick them straight up from their club, then you will still be charged for Club unless you let us know 24hours in advance. Also if there are extra activities on at school such as Christmas/Summer fairs or Discos that you wish for your child to attend, again we are happy to pick them up/drop them off but you must make us aware of this need otherwise we shall keep them at club for their safety.


Charges/Notice of not requiring a session
You are reminded that you must let us know at least 24hours in advance if your child will not be attending a session at club. Unless they are ill, if you have not let us know you will be charged £2.05 for a morning session and £4.10 for the afternoon. If you no longer need a space at all then please can you let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer the space to someone else who may require it.