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Eco Bricks

We are looking forward to our Eco Brick making afternoon on Friday 29th March involving the whole school community.  Parents and carers are invited to come along to school that afternoon (between 1.30 and 3:30pm) and support their child/children in their class/classes in making Eco Bricks.

What are Eco bricks?

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Why are we making them?

We are all too aware of the damage that is being caused to our planet by the over use of and disposal of plastics.  As a school we have a lively Eco club and all feel passionate about the need to do something about this.  We are unable to get rid of all plastics but we can reduce our use and what we have used put to a good use.   In addition, as one of 15 schools linked with a school in Bo, Sierra Leone, Brookhurst has embarked on a joint Zero Waste project with link schools here in Leamington and Warwick and those in Bo on as part of One World’s link Education link.  Schools in Bo are also making eco bricks! Bo Club have already embarked on this project.

An Ecobrick is a reusable building block created by packing clean and dry used plastic into a plastic bottle to a set density.   Ecobricks enable us to take personal responsibility for our plastic and its disposal. These bottles can then combine with others to make building block modules which in turn can be used to create something sustainable such as a plant bed, seating, wall…

What will the completed eco bricks be used for?

It is envisaged that some will be taken the the Day of the African child (13th June) and combined with those of other link schools to create a ‘joint’ structure.  If we make enough on the afternoon then we can create something of use and benefit to us at Brookhurst – watch this space!

What can you do to support this afternoon?

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Many thanks for your support.

Mrs Clarke and Mrs Archer