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Girls Football

Last week, a group of Year 5 girls took part in a football          competition at Campion School.  There were 4 teams playing: Brookhurst, St. Anthony’s, Priorfield and Sydenham.

They played 6 games in total throughout the afternoon, and although they didn’t win, the girls were an absolute credit to our school, and they themselves took pride in the improvements they made over the course of their matches.  They worked together well as a team, demonstrated immense   sportsmanship and celebrated each other’s efforts continuously.   Lara was noted for her amazing save, Amy for her goal keeping skills and Beth for almost scoring a goal!  Most of all they had fun and enjoyed playing the matches.

Well done to Bethan Burridge, Amy Gilks, Jasmyn Green,  Holly Harris, Beth Knibb, Sophie Robertson, Tamsin Squires and Lara Yardley-Cleaver.

Thank you also to Mrs Henderson, Mrs Yardley Cleaver and  Mrs Squires for your support during the afternoon.