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Please see our guide to staying safe online which supports parents/carers to develop their child’s computing skills in a safe way and includes: web links to help set up privacy settings for online devices, information on age appropriate gaming, positive communication online and much more.

The world of computing is a rapidly changing one but one that can’t be ignored. At Brookhurst, we recognise the importance of children having a good understanding of where and how computing technologies are used in today’s world, and of developing their own computing skills.

Where possible, this is achieved through developing and applying computing knowledge and understanding in a cross-curricular way, e.g. children in Year 5 learn how to create animations whilst in Year 6 they learn how to use the program Scratch to make interactive games. Year 1 use algorithms to program beebots and Year 4 use Lego WeDo laying the foundations in programming and robotics.

Computers are also used to help children develop skills in other areas, e.g. through using interactive activities to practice spelling, times tables and many other areas of the curriculum. Teachers also plan a wide range of activities to increase engagement and support teaching and learning through the use of Genee Touch screens which are in classrooms. The use of such resources is almost certain to increase further as the Online curriculum is developed over the coming years and as a school we are keen to stay at the forefront of these changes, embracing them, learning from them and supporting the development of our children through these technologies.


We have an computing suite (The Hub) with 28 laptops where each class from foundation through to Year 6 have 2 timetabled lessons each week (one of which is to support the teaching of maths through Mathletics). There are also networked computers in each classroom and in the school corridors and these, together with those in the Hub, can be used to access the Internet (under adult supervision of course!).

Every class also has either a Genee touch screen or an interactive whiteboard and as a Lego innovation school we have a range of different activities which support teaching and learning in computing, science, maths, creative writing and much more. The use of such equipment enables teachers to engage learners, maximising their learning time and maintaining a high level of motivation in the children.

We also have: digital cameras, computer linked microscopes, floor robots (Roamers), 15 netbook computers, 13 hudles (android operated); a wealth of Lego education resources.

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