Brookhurst Primary School
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Mathematics at BrookhurstWe aim to help our pupils develop a positive attitude towards mathematics. The outcome of this should be numerate children who are confident enough to tackle mathematical problems independently using a range of strategies.

The Primary Maths Framework is in place and being taught effectively across the school. This gives children the opportunity to develop a sound understanding of the number system and other key areas of mathematics. Alongside this they are encouraged to work independently, and in partnership with other children, to solve problems using both written and mental methods of calculation.

Lessons are planned so that children have as much practical experience of mathematics as possible. To do this teachers use the wide range of resources that are available to them from number fans to computer programs.

To continually improve on our children’s mathematical development we have Curricular Targets which focus children on a certain aspect of maths in order to raise their attainment. These are shared with and explained to the children, and they are supported each week in mental oral sessions, at the beginning of the daily maths lesson, to help them reach their target. Parents are provided with newsletters which explain the targets so that they can support their children at home.

The ethos of the mathematics lessons is one where children are allowed to make mistakes. They are then encouraged and guided towards the correct solution by the class teacher. This builds children’s confidence and self esteem, resulting in competent and positive mathematicians.