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Year four

In Year 4 we will continue to send home a suggested timetable and home learning package for each day covering the curriculum topics usually taught in the summer term. The skills the children will be using are consolidating those already taught in year 4. The home learning packages are written to encourage independent learning with explicit instructions, success criteria and pictures to support the children managing the tasks as independently as possible. This is the case for the children who are attending school as well We are still available to answer questions about the tasks by email and respond to work posted on the class blog. The regular star leaf calls will continue to be lead by the class teacher and there will be a weekly music session lead by Mrs Honey.

This is the current topic web for our Year Four pupils.

Every term we publish the topic webs for each year-group showing what they will be studying during the course of this term. This allows you to help reinforce your child’s learning at home, with reading, discussions and activities, perhaps even related trips.

Topic web

Summer 2021 will be uploaded soon