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Year six

I just wanted to give you a quick update on how the support with home learning will continue now that some of year 6 have returned to school.

We will continue to send out planning on a Friday afternoon, in preparation for the following week. This work will be no different to what is being delivered to those children in school and will cover all areas of the curriculum.  Both classes will continue to have a music session each week with Mrs Honey.

We will remain in contact with the children who are at home, via Starleaf.  The only difference children at home might notice is that we will not be able to respond to emails as promptly as we have been doing. This is because we are both teaching from Monday to Thursday, with very little spare time during the school day. However, we will check them at regular intervals and respond ASAP.

Linda Wythe

This is the current topic web for our Year Six pupils.

Every term we publish the topic webs for each year-group showing what they will be studying during the course of this term. This allows you to help reinforce your child’s learning at home, with reading, discussions and activities, perhaps even related trips.

Topic web

Year 6 Topic Web Autumn 2021