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Year three

Just a quick update from the Year 3 team to give you some idea of how things will be working, moving forward.

Each Sunday you will receive an email containing a learning pack that we have put together in preparation for the following week. The home learning activities will remain in the same format as before with a daily Maths and Literacy task and a weekly home learning grid including a number of fun free choice activities and learning tasks for all other areas of the curriculum.

The Maths will, for the most part, utilise the White Rose and Oak Academy schemes with some more challenging tasks and extra learning from other sources too for the children to use if they wish. Literacy will continue to include writing, reading, spelling practice, grammar tasks and comprehension, along with opportunities for the children to perform and use different media.

The learning/resources that we provide will continue to consist of videos, links to web sites, powerpoint presentations and detailed explanations of tasks and learning opportunities.

Please be assured that all home learning that we provide is following the national curriculum and is as close to the activities and schemes of work we would  be carrying out within the classroom. We have adapted learning where necessary but we are still following our overall Long Term Plans for Year 3. As school opens more widely, those children who are in school will be accessing the same learning opportunities as those children who are at home.

Each class will continue with their regular StarLeaf calls including a weekly music session with Mrs Honey and we will remain in contact with those children in school and at home.

I will answer emails when I can but am in school Mon-Thurs. Miss Oldham is now unavailable as she is taking charge of a second Y3 bubble at school.

As always, the children will continue to be encouraged to take part in StarLeaf calls where possible and upload learning and items to our class blogs.

This is the current topic web for our Year Three pupils.

Every term we publish the topic webs for each year-group showing what they will be studying during the course of this term. This allows you to help reinforce your child’s learning at home, with reading, discussions and activities, perhaps even related trips.

Mr Fullbrook

Topic web

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