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Year two

In Year 2 we will be continuing to send a weekly timetable of suggested learning tasks based around our Summer Topic; The Great Fire of London. These will include themed Maths activities, Literacy tasks and a project choice tile. In addition we will continue with our daily social class calls (2G 9.30, 2M 10.00). We have also begun a daily ‘learning call’ for all of year 2 where we mark and evaluate the previous days work and introduce the task set for that day, we intend to continue this so long as our timetable and in school situation allows. Furthermore there will continue to be a 3.00 story time for all of year 2 to attend. 

This is the current topic web for our Year Two pupils.

Every term we publish the topic webs for each year-group showing what they will be studying during the course of this term. This allows you to help reinforce your child’s learning at home, with reading, discussions and activities, perhaps even related trips.

Topic web