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Maths Collaborative Learning Event

We are excited to announce that our Autumn Term Collaborative Learning Event will be a maths based open afternoon.  Parental feedback told us that you were unsure how we teach maths, what methods we use and how we challenge without maths sets.  Therefore, we would love to invite you in to take part in a variety of fun maths based activities with your children such as:

The learning intentions for the afternoon are:

Please note the dates below.  All open afternoons will be:

KS1 – 2-3pm

KS2 – 1:30-3pm

Year 1 – Tuesday 19th November

Year 2 – Thursday 14th November

Year 3 – Tuesday 12th November

Year 4 – Wednesday 13th November

Year 5 – Thursday 21st November

Year 6 – Tuesday 19th November

As our Foundation children have only just started full time, Foundation classes will be involved with more parent/child collaborative events later on in the school year.  If you are a parent in Foundation, then please do look at the newsletter and app which will show you all of the wonderful things we do here throughout the other year groups.