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Off to Bo!

On Saturday 8th February (early) I’m off to Bo in Sierra Leone with 3 teachers (Liz Garrett, Tim Hussey and Harry Purewal) from other One World Link schools. This trip is part of the British Council’s ‘Connecting classroom’ programme whereby Bo link schools in Leamington and Warwick are linking up with their partner schools in Bo to work on a joint project, ‘Talking Rubbish’.  This comes under the banner of ‘Climate Action’ (one of the UN sustainable development goals). Our Teracycle box for crisps packets (initiated by Eco Club) is part of this project.

Whilst in Bo I will be spending time in our link school, UBC (upper) as well visiting waste recycling projects around Bo with representative teachers and pupils from each of the 15 link schools. Later in the week we will run a workshop for teachers on climate action, global learning and rolling out the ‘Talking Rubbish’ project through a focus book, ‘One plastic bag’.

I return on Wednesday 19th February and look forward to sharing with pupils, staff and parents my experience. It a privilege to go and I hope will strengthen our relationship with UBC (upper) and enrich pupil’s global learning at Brookhurst.

Cathryn Clarke