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Eco Bricks – 500ml clean, dry plastic bottles, filled with small pieces of clean plastic filling

The children in our Bo club have been working on a ‘Zero Waste’ project with other partnership schools.  Our aim is to make ‘Eco Bricks’ and bring them to the Day of the African Child event in June.  The collaboration of bricks will then be used to build one big structure.  Alongside Bo Club, Brookhurst have also put together a group across KS2, to work at reducing single use plastic in our school.

Bo Club will be presenting an assembly on this after half term, but for now we wanted to ask you to join us for an Eco brick building afternoon.  On Friday 29th March, all classes will be building Eco Bricks between 1:30 and 3:30pm.  We would love it if guardians, parents or grandparents could come and help their children build! It would be wonderful to have your help.  Many hands make light work!  Please do save the date in the diary. You will of course be welcome to split your time between your children during the afternoon.  

We believe this to be an exciting project and one very current in our world.  The over use of plastic is having a detrimental effect on our planet and this is a fantastic way to put that plastic to good use.

We are asking if parents could send in any clean and dry 500ml plastic bottles for us to fill.  We are not asking for plastic fillings as of yet.

We hope you agree that this is a project with great relevance to our  children.  We will send more details and reminders at a later date.