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Frequently asked questions

What are the holiday dates for this year?

Please see the school term dates or pick up a list from the main reception area in school.

How much are school dinners?

Dinners cost £2.60 a day. Please see the school meals page for more information.

When is my child’s class assembly and at what time?

Please check the assembly dates section on this site.

Can my child have milk at school?

Yes. Please ask at the school office for an application form or contact Cool Milk direct.

Is my child eligible for free school meals and if so, how do I apply?

Please contact the school office or telephone Warwickshire County Council 01926 359189 for an application form.

How can I help out in school or on school trips?

In the first instance, check with your child’s class teacher. Please note that all volunteers in school must undergo a police check before involvement in any activity. Please contact the school office and they will send you a link to apply for a DBS check.

How much are book bags and PE bags?

£3 each, available from the school office.

How do I order school uniform?

Please see the school uniform page for details.

Can I take my child out of school during term time?

Leave of absence will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, please see the Holidays in term time policy to obtain an application form.

Can my child be given medicine in school?

Yes, but you must come into school and fill in a permission slip, detailing when the medicine must be taken and the dosage and your consent to this being administered by a member of staff. Children are responsible for the administration of their own inhalers. If your child needs to have an inhaler in school please make sure that it is clearly marked with their name and class and that the class teacher is made aware of any requirements.

Can I have a birthday list for my child’s class?

Unfortunately we are unable to distribute this information for data protection reasons, however you can compile your own list.

Have I missed any newsletters?

Newsletters are emailed every Friday. Please check the Newsletter page for ones sent this term or ask at the office for back copies.

How do I know if the school will be closed due to bad weather?

Please see our snow and bad weather policy for more information.