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Help with ParentPay

What is ParentPay?

ParentPay provides secure online payments for schools in over 2,000 primary and secondary schools, nurseries and colleges and is the UK market leader for school ePayments with more than one million parents using the system.

ParentPay works with schools in 165 local authorities and help school caterers with dinner money management and cashless catering in schools.

Why do we use ParentPay?

Brookhurst tries to operate a no-cash-on-school-premises policy. ParentPay offers a convenient way for Parents & Carers to make and keep track of school payments safely. Payments can be made for dinner money, school trips, Out of school services (like Out of School Club), swimming lessons and the system is used to grant permission for children to attend certain events.

How to get a ParentPay account

When your child starts at Brookhurst a ParentPay account will be automatically created for you, with payment streams for each of your children.


Each week payment reminders are sent to parents if they owe more than £10 for School Lunches or £40 for the Out of School Club. There are a lot of balances less than this, some of which have been outstanding for a long period of time. Therefore at the start of each term we will send letters to all parents with more than £1 outstanding for anything on Parent Pay. We are aware that the minimum payment on Parent Pay is £10, so if you owe less than this please pay by cash or cheque payable to Brookhurst Primary School and hand into the school office.

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