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What is the LPPA?

The LPPA is a nationally recognised award which is achieved by schools who work closely with the parent/carers of their pupils.  LPPA stands for ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award’.

At Brookhurst Primary School we value the support and contribution that parents and carers make to children’s school life, both within and beyond the classroom.  Research has shown that when a child is supported at home, their learning outcomes can increase by 18%.  We are passionate about building relationships with you.  We want you and your family to feel welcome and included in your child’s primary school years.  Our door is always open.

The benefits for the children:

The benefits for parents:

The benefits for the school:

There are various stages in the Leading Parent Partnership Award process, these include:

The award objectives are as follows:

LPPA Co-ordinator

Mrs A Archer

LPPA Working Group

Miss A. Stanton – Headteacher

Mr M Hughes – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E Pride – Governor

Mrs J Gosling – Office staff

Mrs A Harris – BSA/parent

Mrs C Joergensen – Parent

If you would like any more information about the LPPA or to get involved please contact Mrs Archer

Just as we like to celebrate the achievements of our children outside of school, we would like to hear from parents/carers and even grandparents if you are shining!  If you have an achievement that you would like us to share with the school, please get in touch with Mrs Archer.