Home Learning Policy

At Brookhurst we believe that education is a partnership between pupils, parents and school. To help maintain this partnership, we have two policies related to the provision of home learning:

  • Remote and blended learning policy – for home learning during disruptions to regular schooling
  • Home learning policy – for home learning as part of regular schooling

A summary of both policies and the full policy documents can be found below, along with the latest Ofsted advice on remote learning.


Remote and blended learning policy

Our remote and blended learning policy was established in 2020 to deal with any disruption to regular schooling following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), in line with Department for Education requirements.

This policy aims to ensure consistency in the approach to remote learning for pupils who aren’t in school for any reason.

The policy sets out expectations for all members of the school community with regards to remote learning and provides appropriate guidelines for data protection.


Remote and blended learning policy documents

Remote and Blended Learning Policy

Statement on Remote Learning


Home learning policy

Our home learning policy aims to ensure that parents are clear about what home learning involves during regular term-time, and what is expected of their child to ensure that there is consistency across the school.

We believe that if children are working to their full potential in school hours, then a corresponding amount of downtime is essential for an acceptable work/life balance, although some form of home learning is required.

You can download our home learning policy – and some translated versions of the document – via the links below.


Home learning policy documents

Home Learning Policy


Ofsted advice