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Worry Monster

Some of you may know that when your children are in school they have access to a ‘worry monster’. This is a place where they can write their name on a post-it note with any worry they may have and “feed” it to the worry monster.This happens throughoutthe day and teaching staff regularly check the worry monsters, find a quiet place to talk to the child and address any worries that they might have. This is an opportunity for the children to share anyworriesandfor us to try and helpoffer support.While the children are not at school,we are aware that they may still have worries or questions that they might want to shareor ask.We want to be able to continue to offer this type of support as much as we can while we are currently not in school. So, we have now set up a dedicated email address. This is for the children to use. They can email us with any worries or questions they may have related to school, returning to school, the Covid outbreak or anything else that they might want to askus!Miss Stanton, Mr Hughes, Miss Anderson, Miss Morris, Mrs Taylor and Miss Miller will all have access to the email service,so we will hopefully beable to addressanyworries. If there is anything else that you would like support with, please do let us know.The email address, which, will also be shared with the children via their class blogs