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Year 1 – Go Blues!

On Thursday thirty pupils from Year 1 took part in a Year Group  Challenge at Aylesford School. This event was organised as part of the Central Warwickshire  School Sports Partnership.

Our three teams were made up of children from both 1F and 1H and were accompanied by Mrs Ford, Miss Wales, Mrs Abbott, Mrs Buckley, Mrs Burridge and Mrs Hughes.

The competition took place in a big sports hall with some sixth form students organising and leading each activity. We took part in running relays, baton relays, throwing, bouncing relays, giant egg and spoon races using tennis racquets and an ‘Under and Over’ race which was really tricky.

It was good fun and we did really well. At the end of each challenge we all clapped for the three winning teams – our best bit was when all three Brookhurst teams stood up to be applauded because we had all won at the same time! Go Blues!

Thanks for organising it Mrs Archer – we loved it! – Please can we go again?

Thanks for taking us Mrs Ford and Miss Wales!  – Where shall we go next?

Thanks for helping Lynn, Leila, Rebecca and Mandy! – We couldn’t do it without your help!