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Year 2 Infant Agility

Mr Fullbrook and I had the pleasure of accompanying all of Year 2 on a sporting trip to Kingsley playing fields last week and weather was incredible for October!  The children were all ready and raring to go!

There were a staggering 18 teams present on the day, so Brookhurst were challenged to perform to the best of their abilities!

We were split into 2 teams, with 2G representing Brookhurst A and 2H representing Brookhurst B.  All of the children took part in 7 different events.

All of the scores from individual performances were added together to give a combined team score.  Unfortunately, our Brookhurst teams didn’t make it into the top 3, finishing in 9th and 14th place overall.  Our spirits weren’t dampened though, we enjoyed the day all the same and learnt a lot about sporting teamwork, respect and values.

Aswell as the Year 2 children, there were also 7 of our Year 5 Sports Ambassadors running the event itself:  Daisy Webb, Jake Parker, Remy Newman, Sonny Ludbrook, Naomi Marsahll and Jasmyn Green.  We didn’t see too much of them on our stations, but I watched them from afar during the day.  I was immensely proud of their efforts, watching them develop so many valuable skills; organisation, leadership, team work, compassion, support and friendship to name just a few. One teacher from a different school even took the time to praise Naomi and Jasmyn in particular, for their interaction and support with the children.  What a fabulous representation of our school they were.  True leaders in the making.

Well done to all of the children involved and a huge thank you to the parents that helped out on the day.

Mrs A Archer

PE Subject Leader