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Year 5 Biathlon

Last Wednesday (a glorious sunny September day), 18 pupils from year 5  (9 boys/9girls) accompanied by Mrs Clarke and Charlie’s mum Mrs Kirby , travelled to Warwick School for the Central  Warwickshire Primary School Level 2 Biathlon. The children were all very excited and after a walk around the 400m course and a warm-up, they ran impressively keeping up a strong pace.  After a quick rest they were off to the swimming pool to swim (using a stroke of their choice) 25m .  The exhilarated pupils returned to school tired and ready for their lunch and Macmillan biscuit! Pupils individual times were converted to points using GB Pentathlon software. The top 3 scores in each team were then added together to get a team score.  Although we didn’t score enough to go through to the level three competition in Nuneaton (Telford boys and         Warwick girls teams did) the children enjoyed themselves and demonstrated a positive team spirit particularly during the run.

Well done everyone!

Thank you to Mrs Clarke and Mrs Kirby for their support during the morning.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Mrs Archer