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Welcome to Brookhurst!

At Brookhurst we aim to provide a caring, welcoming, stable and friendly community. We strive to bring the best out of our children, ensuring that they maximise their potential and are prepared as fully as possible for the next stage of their lives. Find out more about our ambitions for every pupil at Brookhurst, view our prospectus or see our latest performance reports in our about us section. Thank you for visiting! Angela Stanton, Headteacher

Download our latest prospectus

Brookhurst prospectus

Our latest prospectus is now available to download, click here to view.

Getting ready for school?

We have a check-list for new parents giving information on the school day and all aspects of school life, with help on where to get uniforms and answers to frequently asked questions.

If you wish for your child to attend Brookhurst, please see our Admissions process.

Parents looking for information

If you're looking for information about the school curriculum or this term's topic webs please see our learning section. We also have consent forms and details of all the school's policies available on the site.

For recent newsletters and letters to parents please see visit our news area.

School lunches and ParentPay

For details of this week's lunches please see our school lunch menu. We operate a no cash-on-school-premises policy and payments for lunches, outings and activities can all be made with ParentPay. Learn more about how to use ParentPay here.

Upcoming school events

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