Breakfast Club 

Early Birds at the Out of Hours Club Runs from 7.50am until 8:50am until the children are dismissed to go to school. There will be a daily activity provided and depending on the weather we will have outside play. Until 8:30am, we provide breakfast which includes a r toast accompanied by cold drink.

60 places will be available in the Blue Hut. On our busiest mornings, (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), there will be an additional mini club offering further spaces which will be seen as separate sessions on Magic Booking.

Mini Club for Breakfast Club:

Tuesday = (Colouring Club)

Wednesday = (Lego Club)

Thursday = (Chess Club)


After School Club

After School Club at the Out of Hours School Club runs from 3.30pm - 6.00pm. The Early sessions runs from 3:30pm- 4:45pm. A small snack is provided consisting of two types of sandwiches, a mixture of fruit and vegetables (apples, grapes oranges, raisins, cucumber, and carrots), cheese, crackers, a biscuit and a drink.

After School Club – 60 places will be available in the Blue Hut. In addition, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there will be other mini club activities offering further spaces. These will be seen as separate sessions on Magic Booking. These mini club will be run either by current Brookhurst staff member or by a visiting specialist – for the Spring 1 half term we will be offering:

Mini- clubs

Mini Club for After School Club:

Monday = Media Club (30 place)- KS2 ONLY

Tuesday = Stop Motion Lego Club(30 places)

Tuesday = Art/Craft with Jo (12 places) – KS2 ONLY

Wednesday = Book Club (30 places)

Wednesday = Dance/ Gymnastics (30 places)

Thursday = Art/Craft with Jo (12 places) – KS1 ONLY

Thursday = Watercolour Club (30 places)


Nutrition and Snack Time Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Complaints Procedure

meet the team 


We would like to introduce you to the team at Brookhurst Out Of School Club!


Holly Brooks- Club Co-Ordinator

Paola Trisolini- Club Co-Ordinator

Princee Shah- Assistant

Jack Bradbury- Assistant

Toula Porter-Gryparis- Assistant

Sheela Agrawal- Assistant

Sue Turner- Assistant

Lucy Osborne- Assistant

Srishti Joshi- Assistant

Sofia Gryparis- Assistant