Special Educational Needs and disabilities (SEND)


At Brookhurst, we take immense pride in the vibrant diversity that characterises our school community. Here, every individual – whether a pupil or a staff member – is not just recognised but deeply valued. We believe in creating an environment where everyone feels cared for, heard, and inspired to reach their fullest potential.

Our commitment to inclusivity extends with equal passion to our pupils and staff with disabilities. At the heart of our Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy lies our foundational values: fostering a secure, collaborative, and purposeful learning atmosphere that embraces everyone.

To further assist you, we offer a comprehensive FAQ on our SEN provision report (see below). This resource is designed to provide clear, straightforward answers to the questions most commonly asked by parents. We understand the importance of transparency and accessibility in communication, especially when it concerns the wellbeing and education of your child.

At Brookhurst,we celebrate diversity, champion inclusivity, and strive relentlessly to provide an enriching and supportive educational experience for all members of our community

SEND Policy

SEND Intent Statement

Sendia SEND Inclusion Award

Accessibility and Inclusion Policy

Medical Needs Policy

Education of Children Looked After and Children Previously Looked After Policy

Toileting and Intimate Care Policy

Positive Handling Physical Restraint and Use of Reasonable Force Policy

School Statement on Equality

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