Beyond the Curriculum: Holistic Education at Brookhurst

“The Principal goal of education is to create men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.” - Piaget


At Brookhurst, our curriculum does more than just tick the boxes of the National Curriculum. We're committed to providing an education that's rich in variety, blending creative, cultural, and sports elements into our students' learning experience. Our goal is to make sure every student not just meets key learning milestones but also has the chance to grow their talents in different areas. Brookhurst's approach to education is all about expanding perspectives and enriching values, helping each child to thrive and develop in a well-rounded way.

We strive to create an environment that is nurturing, supportive, and filled with high-quality teaching. 
  • Strong skills in literacy and mathematics
  • A curious mindset that eagerly embraces learning every day
  • Independent learners who are confident, adaptable, and collaborative
  • Creativity and imagination, fostered through diverse experiences like dance, music, and the arts
  • Children who appreciate and respect diverse values and beliefs, preparing them to be active and thoughtful members of our multi-cultural society
  • A sense of pride in personal accomplishments and a drive to succeed
  • Strong partnerships between home and school, encouraging high aspirations and fostering achievement for all
  • Equal opportunities for every child to thrive.
In our school you will  witness a vibrant community where: :
  • Children and staff collaborate, demonstrating a shared commitment to their school and to each other
  • Display boards throughout the school showcase the diverse and impressive work of our students, reflecting our belief in a broad and balanced curriculum 
  • The school environment is bright, welcoming, and well-kept, with excellent resources, and a clean, orderly settingA
  • Our entrance hall is a showcase of school life, displaying our sporting achievements, photographs, and various awards
  • The overall atmosphere of the school is designed to be conducive to learning, fostering a positive and engaging educational experience
Within our classrooms, you'll observe:
  • A neat and organized learning space
  • Children and staff actively and enjoyably engaged in learning activities
  • Displays that showcase the diverse abilities and talents of our students
  • Clearly outlined curricular targets
  • Helpful learning prompts to guide and enrich the educational process
  • Our Code of Conduct and Behaviour system, prominently displayed to foster a positive and respectful learning environment 
When observing children learning at our school, you'll notice:
  • Engaged and meaningful interactions between children and staff about their learning
  • A well-structured curriculum framework that guides the educational process
  • Effective integration of ICT to enhance and diversify learning experiences
  • Teachers with a deep understanding of each child's unique needs, which are thoughtfully incorporated into lesson planning
  • Regular assessment opportunities seamlessly embedded into lessons
  • Teaching assistants and other support staff effectively aiding children's learning and addressing their individual requirements
  • Marking and feedback that offer positive reinforcement and clearly identify targets for future learning steps
  • A dynamic mix of learning and teaching styles, including:
    • Whole class teaching
    • Partner work for dialogue and collaboration
    • Small group activities for focused learning
    • Emphasis on listening, questioning, and discussion
    • Individual-focused activities tailored to specific needs
    • Teamwork to foster collaboration and social skills
    • Independent tasks to encourage self-directed learning
    • Activities to challenge students at all ability levels
When people talk about our school, they often mention:
  • "Brookhurst is a warm and inviting place, with a strong sense of community"
  • "It's a great school with diligent, kind, well-behaved, and polite children"
  • "Parents are confident that their children are well cared for and engaged in their learning"
  • "As parents, we feel well-informed and understand how to support our children's learning both at school and home"
  • "The children really enjoy coming to school and are excited about their learning journey"
  • "Teachers at Brookhurst have high expectations for all the pupils, fostering a culture of excellence and growth"