Assessment Policy

Assessment is the link between teaching and learning. It enables us to judge what children already know, have learned from what we set out to teach and what they still need to learn. Assessment is therefore a crucial aspect of all planning.

At Brookhurst we believe that by using effective assessment, the quality of learning is constantly improved and standards are raised.

Assessment falls broadly into two areas:

Assessment of Learning

Assessment of Learning (AoL) is any assessment which summarises where learners are at a given point in time – it provides a snapshot of what has been learned. It draws on a range of assessment information including that from tests and from teachers’ on-going assessments. It includes the Statutory Assessment Tests at 7 years and 11 years and EYFS Profile at 5 years.


Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning (AfL) is any assessment activity which informs the next steps to learning. The information gained about pupils’ learning and achievement informs teachers’ planning for what will be taught next, at which level and how it will be taught.


Assessment Policy