Brookhurst School Association (BSA)


What is the BSA?

Brookhurst School Association (BSA) is the parent–teacher association of Brookhurst Primary School. We aim to improve school life for Brookhurst’s children by organising fun events and raising funds for resources that support their learning. We are a registered charity (no. 514907).


Who is in the BSA?

Every member of staff and every parent or carer of a child at Brookhurst is automatically a member of the BSA. Any member is welcome at our meetings! So many people help out with the BSA throughout the year but we have a small elected committee who keep an overview of things. Our current committee is made up as follows:

  • Chair: John Harper
  • Co Chair: Leah Harper
  • Secretary: Sarah Allen-Reading
  • Treasurer: Gillian Moore
  • Communications Secretary – Helen Baldry
  • Committee member – Nicki Scott
  • Other trustees: Angela Stanton (staff) and Gail Lindsay (staff)

You will found out more about our committee members below:

BSA Committee


What events does the BSA organise?

It’s about the fun as much as it’s about the fundraising! We look to involve the children in our events as much as possible and ensure that all our volunteers enjoy themselves. Here’s a flavour of the events we’ve held in recent years:

  • Fireworks spectacular
  • Summer fair
  • Christmas disco
  • Quiz night
  • Second-hand uniform sales
  • ‘Grow a Pound’ project
  • Sponsored bounce


How does the BSA spend the money it raises?

School staff put in requests for BSA spending or parents might suggest ideas themselves. In the summer of 2017, we made a substantial contribution towards new equipment for the Key Stage 2 playground – a huge fundraising achievement by all involved. Thanks to our successful fundraising last year, we are now in a position to fully fund replacement of the equipment on the Key Stage 1 playground as well, so watch this space!

Here are some of the other things we’ve recently spent money on:

  • Colourful educational graphics on the walls around school
  • Ongoing funding for library books
  • Resources for a special focus week during the year – most recently Creative Arts Week and Science Week
  • A fire pit for use in special outdoor activities
  • Sports kit for inter-school competitions
  • School Council/House Captain badges
  • Headphones to support IT work
  • Microphone/speakers/PA system
  • An ongoing kitty for extra lesson resources


How can I get involved?

All support is welcome however big or small the commitment. It can be to project manage an entire event or help on a stall for half an hour. We look to offer new volunteers a fun experience, where you are supported by more experienced members of our team. Moreover, we want you to feel proud of the difference you make for Brookhurst children.

If you can’t spare the time to volunteer but would like to make a financial contribution, please do come and spend your money at our events! We also run a donation scheme, Brookhurst BOOST!, where you can make ongoing or one-off payments to support the BSA and the school. Please visit the fundraising page to find out more.


How can I stay in touch?

There are so many ways you can stay in touch with us!


BSA documents and links

Official documents

BSA Privacy Notice


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