Virtual Learning Area

Brookhurst has its own virtual learning environment; this is commonly known as The Portal (which is a much more exciting name)!


How to login to the Portal

The Portal can be accessed by logging on to and selecting Brookhurst school.

All pupils have their own login and password for the system and this can be accessed when using computers in school as well as from home. Currently children in foundation use a generic logon when using the school system, access arrangements from home will be given shortly for these pupils.

The Portal is a secure system based upon the  Microsoft Sharepoint intranet platform. It offers all of our pupils secure email as well as giving them access to a wide variety of software packages that can be used to support learning and also for their enjoyment. It is a closed system that ensures pupils can only send and receive emails from from/to pupils and staff at Brookhurst.

There are a variety of ways that the platform may be used by staff within school. It is possible some homework may be set electronically, research projects given, blogs set up to promote discussion about a variety of subjects or even pupils just directed to support their learning by playing some of the educational games that can be accessed. There may also be news updates regarding events going on in school, achievements by pupils or even just a well done to a pupil, class or member of staff!

Parents are able to help support learning through encouraging their children to log on to the portal  at home to use the available resources.

If you have any questions regarding the portal please ask your child’s class teacher.