Please see our guide to staying safe online which supports parents/carers to develop their child’s computing skills in a safe way and includes: web links to help set up privacy settings for online devices, information on age-appropriate gaming, positive communication online and much more.

The world of computing is a rapidly changing one but one that can’t be ignored. At Brookhurst, we recognise the importance of children having a good understanding of where and how computing technologies are used in today’s world, and of developing their own computing skills. We strive to achieve this through developing and applying knowledge and understanding in meaningful contexts. Where possible, topics will be linked across the curriculum to develop our pupil’s confidence in using computing technology.

Computing technology is used throughout the school to develop key skills in all areas. Our equipment is used for times table and spelling practise, AR reading quizzes, research in lessons and many other avenues. Teachers utilise their Genee Touch screens and interactive whiteboards to increase engagements in lessons and support learning in the classroom. The use of such resources ensures that our pupils are familiar with and are responsible users of a range of equipment throughout their early education. As the computing curriculum develops and new opportunities arise, we strive to embrace these developments and enhance the children’s learning through these technologies.



At Brookhurst we have a class set of 30 laptops that are utilised weekly by all year groups in their timetabled Computing lesson. We also have 60 iPads available for teachers to use in their class to support learning across all subjects. Each classroom is equipped with a desktop computer and we have a range of desktops and laptops available in the school corridors for children and staff to engage with as necessary.

Our resources also include: visualisers, digital cameras, Beebots and LegoWeDo educational equipment.