Admissions Process

If you’re thinking of choosing Brookhurst School for your child you should find lots of useful information and links on this website. For starters, why not take a look at our prospectus!

If you have any questions that you cannot find answers too, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office, we are always happy to help.

If you would like to look around our school, please call the school office and we will arrange for a tour of the school at a convenient time for you. You will also have an opportunity to have an informal meeting with the Headteacher. We are happy for you to bring your child with you, or not, whatever suits.

If you would like your child to join Brookhurst, you need to register with Warwickshire Admissions: 01926 414143.

For all new foundation students joining us in a September you will be sent log in details from Applicaa (Admissions +). Here you will be able to complete all the relevant forms we require in order for your child to start their school journey with us. Please note, before your child starts school, we are required to see your child's original birth certificate.

Useful Dates 

15 January 2024, Closing date for applications.

1 February 2024, Extended closing date for house moves.

16 April 2024, National offer day. 

16 May 2024, Deadline for submitting appeals.

For in year admissions, please pop in to the main school office and we can provide you with admission forms to complete (or please complete the one attached here). Please note, before your child starts school, we are required to see your child's original birth certificate.

Moving Schools within School Year

Admission Form

More information on Admissions

If you live in Warwickshire and your child is due to start school or transfer to primary/secondary school in September 2024, it is now possible for you to apply online at For further information please contact the School Admissions Department on 01926 414143.

As our school is a community school, the school determines the admission arrangements in agreement with the Warwickshire County Council. The Warwickshire County Council is therefore the ‘Admissions Authority’ for our school. The regulations for entry to each school, where the Admissions Authority is the Warwickshire County Council, are published each year by the Warwickshire County Council. Parents can receive a copy of these regulations directly from the Warwickshire County Council.

The Warwickshire County Council publishes a composite admissions prospectus each year, which gives information about how parents can apply for a place in the school of their choice. Parents have a right to express a preference for the school of their choice and they should do so on the application form. Expressing a preference does not, in itself, guarantee a place at this school.

Application forms can be obtained from the Education Department of the Warwickshire County Council and should be completed by the date stipulated on the forms. The Warwickshire County Council notifies parents about the school place as soon as all the applications have been considered.

In this area, children enter school in the academic year they become five. There is one admissions date per year, early in September (i.e. at the start of the school year).