Our School Governors

Who are the governors?

All governors are volunteers who work together for the benefit of the school. They are

·         Parents elected by other parents with children at the school

·         People chosen by governors from the local community

·         People appointed by the local education authority

·         The headteacher;

·         Teachers elected by other teachers;

What do governors do?

Governors’ role is to

·         Promote high standards of educational attainment;

·         Set targets for pupil achievement;

·         Take responsibility for strategic planning;

·         Manage the school’s budget , including deciding how many staff will work there and their pay;

·         Ensure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, in particular that the National Curriculum and religious education are taught,

          and report on pupils’  achievement in National Curriculum assessments and examination results;

·         Participate in the appointment of senior staff (including appointing the head teacher) and regulate staff conduct and discipline; and

·         Draw up a post-OFSTED action plan after an inspection by the Office for Standards in Education.


 The governors at Brookhurst meet regularly as a whole body, but fulfil many of their responsibilities through sub committees.


The Performance and Standards Committee advises the governing body on curriculum matters, pupil achievement, SEN policy, behaviour, and attendance

The Resources Committee advises the governing body on financial matters, including staff pay via the Pay Committee, as well as on pupil premium matters, health & safety, and premises

Each sub-committee meets once a term and makes recommendations to the governing body, which also convenes at least once a term.

If you wish to contact Governors

In most cases, the first point of contact for any concern regarding your child is the class teacher. For school-wide issues, initially contact the head or deputy head via the school office. Should you need to take matters further, you may of course contact the chair(s) of governors via the school office or directly via email. If you have a complaint about the school that has not been resolved by discussion with the headteacher, then please refer to our complaints policy

Brookhurst Governors

Name Appointed by From / To Contact Committee(s) Lead area Class link
Angela Stanton


Office as Headteacher



Performance Standards


Alyse Levene 



Elected by parents











Performance & Standards, Headteacher appraisal



Safeguarding and Pupil Premium




Jonathan Turton 


 Elected by parents  21/09/20-/20.09.24  turton.j1@welearn365.com  Resources  Maths  
Stephanie Beamish Elected by school staff 1/9/20 –31/8/24 beamish.s@welearn365.com Resources n/a n/a

Richard Blythe


Elected by parents 3/11/21 –2/11/25 blythe.r@welearn365.com Resources Health & Safety, Physical Education  
James Kaye Elected by parents 1/9/23-  31/8/27 kaye.j1@welearn365.com Resources SEND  
Joe Cannon Board 12/07/21–11/7/25 cannon.j@welearn365.com Performance & Standards, Pay comittee, Headteachers performance management Early Years Foundation
Andrew Cooper Nominated by LA and appointed by board 1/9/21 –31/8/25 cooper.a2@welearn365.com Performance & Standards, Headteacher Performance management Literacy  
Alison Foster Board 5/12/20 –4/12/24 foster.a1@welearn365.com Performance & Standards (Chair) Assessment  
Rebecca Corr                     Clerk to the Governors n/a rebeccacorr@warwickshire.gov.uk n/a n/a n/a
Lucy Hartwright Board (Staff) 9/11/21 –8/11/25 hartwright.l@welearn365.com Performance & Standards n/a n/a
Robert Nash Board (Parent) 16/11/20 –15/11/24 nash.r@welearn365.com Resources Computing  
Chris Harris Board (Parent) 21/9/20 –20/9/24 @welearn365.com Resources (Chair) Finance  


BKH Governor Attendance Register 2022-2023


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